Deferred Registration

Twice in my practice, I implemented a deferred registration. What do I mean by this concept? The meaning is approximately the following: on the registration page, the user enters some initial data, which must necessarily include an email address, submit a form, the user receives an email with a unique link, the user clicks the link after which his account is activated. This is done so that we are sure of the correctness of the provided e-mail address.

What do we need?
– custom domain, which the user falls into immediately after the form submission and is there till confirming himself by clicking link in the e-mail
– custom pipeline with a number of processors that do all the magic
– page to which the user navigates by the link in the email

Source code you can find here.
Sitecore item you can find here

Source code contains CreateCustomDomains processor which creates custom domain when Sitecore initializes.
In my case deferredRegistration pipeline contains such list of processor:
but in your one ofcourse it can be different. Anyway you can use this code base as start point.

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