ChangeTracker module

All we know about such cool tool for Sitecore developers as TDS. But not each of customer wants to spend money to buy the license. As an alternative, we can use Unicorn.
On a project on which I was temporarily involved developers use Sitecore packages. So I decide to help a little bit and create ChangeTracker module. The deal is when you as a developer do some task or implement feature except write code you create/update items within your local Sitecore environment. And it’s easy to forget some items which were created/updated by you. ChangeTracker allows you to fix the beginning of work on the task and upon its completion generate a package containing items that you created or modified during the current task.

How it works:


What I do in above scenario:
– start the task by clicking ‘Start Task’ button in the ribbon. Give task a name ‘Demo Task’
– create ‘Demo Item’ template which contains a single field ‘Text’
– create the folder named ‘Demo Items’, assign ‘Demo Item’ template as insert options.
– create 3 items within ‘Demo Items’ folder. Last one mark as excluded from the current task by clicking ‘Add item to exclude list’ button in the ribbon.
– finish the task by clicking ‘End Task’ button.
– go to ‘/sitecore/system/Modules/Change Tracker/Tasks Folder’ folder, choose ‘Demo Task’ item
– download package which contains ‘Demo Item’ template, ‘Demo Items’ folder and two items based in ‘Demo Item’ template (last one was excluded so it does not go to package)

After all these steps I install ‘Demo Task’ package on vanilla Sitecore installation to show it works in proper way.

I hope this module will be useful to other developers too.

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